Air Travel: Into the Great Blue Yonder

Ever since the Wright Brothers invented the aeroplane in 1903, the world has never been the same. Far-off destinations that once took weeks, months, or even years to reach can now be visited in under 24 hours.

This blog is devoted entirely to the fascinating world of air travel: from its earliest beginnings using hot-air balloons to the most recent advancements in hypersonic aeronautical design.

Anyone with a passion for air travel, therefore, whether they be professional pilots or amateur aviation enthusiasts, should be sure to bookmark this page, where they will always find something to pique their interest.

The First Flight

8 Mar 2021

The Wright brothers created the first airplane that was successful in lifting off the ground. The first flight took place in 1903, and it was the catalyst to mechanical inventions that led to the development of modern airplanes. On the first day, the plane flew a distance of 852 feet.

Common Aviation Terms

10 Feb 2021

Aviation professionals need their own terminology to differentiate the terms from other industries. The aviation terms and the jargon used are synchronized and the same all over the world. This ensures easy and global communication among the pilots, flight attendants, and the tower and traffic control personnel.