How to Choose a Solar Watch for Your Air Travel

While a solar watch might not be essential, it can certainly be a valuable and convenient accessory for frequent air travelers. The combination of reliable timekeeping, reduced maintenance, and the environmental benefits of solar technology make it a suitable choice for anyone on the go. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a solar watch for air travel.

Power Reserve and Charging Time

Yes, it pays to check the power reserve of the watch. A strong power reserve will be beneficial, especially if you're going to be in situations where the watch may not receive sufficient light for an extended period.

How long does it take for the watch to charge fully? As an air traveler, you may experience limited exposure to sunlight. So, you will want a timepiece that takes the shortest time possible to charge fully.  A watch with high-quality solar cells can easily convert natural light into energy.

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Comfort, Timekeeping, and Water-Resistant Features

With some air travel involving long hours, your solar watch should feel light and comfortable on your wrist. You don't want something too heavy or tight on your hand.
A good solar watch should also contain most, if not all, essential timekeeping features. Some watches may have advanced features, such as multiple time zones, alarms, or a built-in compass, which can be helpful during air travel.

Did you know that air travel may involve exposure to various environments, including moisture? A water-resistant watch can be the best choice in such situations.

22 Jan 2024